What types of records are available to the general public?

Public records such as office budgets, audits, policies and procedures, transportation data, and other administrative functions are available upon request. Our doors are open. Simply make an appointment and we’ll work with you on your request for administrative records. Some of the records that might be held in the VACPC office may be exempt from reproduction under the FOIA and/or other applicable federal and state laws. For specific information pertaining to an individual’s file, provide us with your FOIA request form along with a signed release form from that person granting permission for access to those private records. If the individual is deceased, provide a copy of the death certificate and a release form from the executor of the estate. In no case will the names and addresses of beneficiaries, if known, be provided as this information is protected by other statues.

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1. How to submit a FOIA request?
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3. What types of records are available to the general public?
4. What about Veterans Administration and military records?
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