Where do I find out about back taxes?

County Clerk Office

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1. Where can I look up the property owner's name and parcel information?
2. Where do I go to find out what exemptions I qualify for?
3. Where can I get the property exemption forms?
4. Do I have to pay the homestead exemptions back at any time?
5. I spend the winter in a house that I own, and claim homestead exemptions on in another state. Will I still be able to claim homestead exemptions on my house in Peoria County?
6. My husband and I each own a home and do not live together. Neither of us is named on the deed of the other's home. Can we both qualify for the $6,000 General Homestead Exemption?
7. I have the Senior Citizens Assessment Freeze Exemption but my tax bill increased, why?
8. Is it true that farmland assessed values are much lower than the assessed values of similar land that is not farmed?
9. I want to split or combine my parcel. Who do I contact?
10. I did not receive a Notice of Assessment this year. Why is that?
11. I need to change the mail to address on my property. Who do I contact?
12. Who do I contact if I have any questions about Model Homes or Fraternal Freeze applications?
13. Where do I find out about back taxes?
14. Where do I pay my property tax bill?
15. Who do I contact about property tax rates and how they are calculated?
16. Where can I find out about the Tax Deferral program?