Investigation FAQ

What investigator is assigned my case?

When a report is generated the case is evaluated as to the probability of solving the case based on certain criteria. A victim can call (309) 697-7822 to find out two things. First, if the case has been assigned and second, who the investigator is assigned to the case. Be sure to know the victim's name, address of the incident, or case number.

How is property that is seized get disposed of?

When property is taken as evidence as part of a criminal investigation and is needed in the prosecution of the case that property can only be released after disposition of the case. If property is recovered and the rightful owner has been identified the investigator in charge of the case will notify the owner and release the property to them.

How soon should I expect a call from an investigator?

Investigators make every attempt to contact victims within a timely manner, however, investigators carry a heavy caseload and must prioritize their cases. If you have not heard from an investigator within 3-5 business days you are encouraged to contact the Criminal Investigation Division (309) 697-7822.

How do I meet with an investigator?

Investigators are willing to meet if they are available. This is easily accomplished if appointments are made to meet with the investigator. Court dates, vacations, sick leave and other investigations limit the time an investigator can respond to a walk-in when no appointment is made. To make an appointment with an investigator call (309) 697-7822.