Prison Rape Elimination Act

The Peoria County Sheriff's Office has a zero tolerance for sexual abuse or sexual harassment of any person.  The Peoria County Sheriff's Office is committed to maintaining a Corrections Facility that is safe and secure for staff, offenders, volunteers, and contractors.  

How to Report Sexual Abuse or Harassment

If you have any information of an offender having been sexually abused or sexually harassed while in the custody of the Peoria County Sheriff's Office you can report it online here, or by calling  (309) 634-4479.  Messages are checked daily by a qualified staff member.  You do not have to leave your name but please provide as much specific detail as possible.

Reporting Information for Peoria County Jail Inmates

Offenders who are committed to the Peoria County Jail are encouraged to report any allegations of sexual abuse or harassment as soon as possible.  Reports can be initiated by submitting a request or grievance, telling any employee or volunteer, or asking a friend or family member to call the report line.

Victim Support Services

The Peoria County Jail has partnered with The Center for Prevention of Abuse to provide survivors of sexual abuse with emotional support services. To access these services, contact
(800) 559-7233 or send a letter to: 720 W Joan Ct, Peoria, IL 61614.

PREA Annual Reports

PREA Policies