County Health Committee

Regular Meetings

Please visit the Agenda Center for upcoming meeting details:


  • Rob Reneau (Chairperson)
  • Camille Coates (Vice Chairperson)
  • Jennifer Groves Allison
  • Eden Blair
  • Brandy Bryant
  • Linda Daley
  • Sharon Williams
  • Betty Duncan
  • Brian Elsasser
  • Nathan Hoerr
  • Danny Phelan
  • Steven Rieker
  • Phillip Salzer

Committee Overview & Responsibilities

General Duties

  • It shall consider all matters concerning public health including: the protection and promotion of health and the prevention of disease, illness and injury; and, the care and support for the elderly and differently-abled.
  • It shall consider all matters related to public education.
  • It shall serve to review and devise strategy, methods and measures in anticipation of future public health crises.

Offices Considered

The business of the following offices is considered by the County Health Committee:

  1. Regional Office of Education
  2. Sustainability and Resource Conservation Office

Liaison Entities

  • City/County Health Department
  • Emergency Management Agency
  • Peoria County Board for the Care/Treatment of Persons with a Developmental Disability
  • City/County Landfill Committee