Infrastructure Committee

Regular Meetings

Please visit the Agenda Center for upcoming meeting details:


  • Phillip Salzer(Chairperson)
  • Daniel Kelch (Vice Chairperson)
  • James Dillon
  • Betty Duncan
  • Terry Ruhland
  • Sharon Williams
  • Matt Windish


  1. It shall consider all matters concerning County buildings and grounds, including space planning; the five-year capital improvement program; and, the management and maintenance of County facilities.
  2. It shall consider all matters concerning public infrastructure in the County, including public roads and bridges; airports, railroads, and public transit systems; and, pipelines, transmission lines, sanitary sewer systems, and other regulated common carriers.

Offices Considered

The business of the following offices is considered by the County Operations Committee:

  • Facilities Management
  • Highway Department
  • Highway and Maintenance Facilities

Liaison Entities

  • Peoria Urbanized Area Transportation System