Protect Natural Floodplain Functions

Floodplains play a valuable role in providing a wide range of benefits to both human and natural systems.  Floodplains by their nature are periodically flooded at different points in time.  Open floodplains provide a natural catchment basin to collect and retain runoff which reduces the severity of floods while recharging groundwater levels.  Areas around the Kickapoo Creek are used as a means to filter farm chemical run-off so that bio-diversity is maintained in the ecosystem.  Floodplains provide educational opportunities for studying biological processes.  Floodplains provide recreational services from parks to boating.  Floodplains provide critical habitats for waterfowl, fish, and other wildlife.  It is critical that dedicated open spaces in the floodplains remain open to allow these benefits to occur naturally.

You can read more about the natural functions of floodplains in the FEMA-268 guidebook on Protecting Floodplain Resources.

It is illegal to dump materials into a waterway or storm drains.  If you see someone in the act of dumping or see debris in a waterway, contact the Planning and Zoning Department.

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