Rehab to Home

Heddington Oaks prides itself on offering high-quality, in-house therapy. Our Rehab to Home program is designed for those needing short-term stays to recover from a medical event, such as a joint replacement. Our job is not to get you back home, but to get you successfully back home.

One of the considerations, when you need therapy, is whether to stay at a facility like Heddington Oaks, or to stay home and go to an outpatient therapy program each day. Many choose to stay in a facility for a variety of reasons:

  • Inclement weather does not affect your ability to get to therapy. Just go down the hallway!
  • Instead of worrying about chores at home, you can rest and be totally focused on your recovery.
  • Friends and family don't have to take time off to help you through those first few weeks of recovery. They can just come visit you at Heddington Oaks, and they can even share a meal with you for a nominal fee.
  • With our new on-site dialysis program, choosing to stay at Heddington Oaks also means not missing therapy sessions. 

You can find out more about our therapy program by using the links to the left. Or, please feel free to give us a call at (309) 636-3600 to have your questions answered.