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The County Clerk keeps a record of businesses under an assumed name. Any person or persons conducting business under an assumed name in this State must register in the Office of the County Clerk in the county where they are to conduct or transact the business pursuant to state statute (805 ILCS 405/1). If the business will be a corporation*, a limited liability company, limited partnership or limited liability partnership, you will need to file with the Illinois Secretary of State, not the County Clerk. For additional questions about Business Under Assumed Name, please contact the Office of the County Clerk at 309-672-6059.

*If the corporation is a professional service corporation (805 ILCS 10/1) which adopts a fictitious name or continues to use the name of a deceased shareholder or the name of a member of a predecessor organization, you must file with the county clerk of the county where your principal place of business is located.

Notifying of Changes

Please note that if any person changes their name or residence address, the address of any place of business in this county changes, any person is added to or withdrawn from the business, or if the business name changes, a supplementary certificate must be filed. A complete list of changes to be filed with the County Clerk and the required forms are listed in the General Instructions guide. 

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