Knee Replacement Rehab

Knee Replacement Recovery Patients Can Depend On Knee Recovery

Knee replacement surgery is a serious operation that comes with a long recovery time. However, with the right therapy, your loved one can be back to normal in a shorter amount of time. Here at Heddington Oaks, our qualified therapists help patients return to regular movements and activities through a series of exercises. 

If you're had a knee replacement, either from an elective surgery or from a traumatic fracture, our therapy team will assist you in reaching your highest level of independence. We will develop an individualized plan of care which may include strengthening, range of motion, pain management, balance, walking, modalities for pain and muscle re-education, adaptive equipment training, safety training and caregiver training. Plus, we'll advise you on any needs for home set up. 

Once the patient’s physician refers them to our therapists, we will start the evaluation process. Then, we will come up with a comprehensive program to help them get back on their feet.

Why Knee Replacement Recovery?

There’s no doubt comprehensive rehabilitation after knee replacement surgery is imperative. Patients rely on Heddington Oaks to rehab them back to normal. We work one on one with the patient to develop a regular exercise routine. Our trained physical and occupational therapists can outline the benefits of therapy for you. Those benefits include:

  • Less pain and swelling
  • Development of strength in knee and surrounding muscles
  • Restoration of normal movement in knee
  • Assists with circulation to prevent blood clots
  • Ability to get back to normal activities quickly

We specialize in customizing workable plans for each patient based on their individual recovery needs. Our team understands that everyone is different, which is why we approach recovery in different ways to suit each person.

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