Group of people playing a game at a table.

When you think of an activities program you might instantly think of arts and crafts, and while that is certainly one way that nursing homes do provide entertainment options to their residents, at Heddington Oaks the list is much more extensive. We offer stimulating activities during the days, evenings and on weekends. Some of those activities include:

  • Arts and crafts classes or activities
  • Exercise programs of all kinds (limited to chair routines)
  • Religious services and special events
  • Live entertainment - musical groups, sing-alongs, and the always popular children's performances
  • Movie nights (with popcorn!)
  • Game nights or daily game activities
  • Discussion and support groups
  • Holiday events
  • Outside activities that can include trips to the mall, movies, or local entertainment venues. Sightseeing and bus trips are also possible.

Monthly Activity Calendar

Family members are welcome to pick up our current events calendar at the front desk. Visiting family are also welcome to join our activities. Staff tries to get to know what a resident's likes, hobbies and interests are, and therefore we always include residents choice in the calendar. We feel strongly about allowing residents input on the programs they want.

Religious Services

Catholic mass is celebrated weekly by volunteers from St. Mark's. Also, many other groups offer services and bible study throughout the week. 


We are also blessed with wonderful volunteers. Heddington Oaks has seven different churches that volunteer every month. A variety of denominational and nondenominational services are provided to the residents. The ice cream parlor is staffed by volunteers Monday-Friday mornings.