Stroke Rehab

Stroke Rehab in Central Illinois: Choose Heddington Oaks Nurse with Patient in Wheelchair

Here at Heddington Oaks, we have extensive training and experience in caring for stroke victims. We take stroke very seriously, as it’s the fifth leading cause of death in this country. We have physical, occupational and speech therapists on hand who can work one on one with stroke patients to help them regain use of their extremities as well as sharpen their minds. If you need skilled stoke rehab in Central Illinois, choose Heddington Oaks.

Services We Offer

To adequately accommodate all of our stroke patients and all other patients, we have qualified, trained staff who provide the following services:

  • Our team of physical, occupational and speech therapists specialize in developing a plan of care to assist each individual to achieve their highest level of independence. Our team has been trained in a variety of modalities to assist with strengthening, neuromuscular reeducation, and pain management after a neurological insult. We will develop an individualized plan of care which may include strengthening, range of motion, pain management, neuromuscular reeducation, adaptive equipment training, safety training and caregiver training. 
  • Dietitians: With a full-time Registered Dietitian on staff, we make sure your loved one is eating right and eating enough with access to a healthy standard menu, customized menu and daily featured entrée.
  • Social services staff is here seven days a week to ensure patients and their families are adjusting to major life changes or any problems they may be having.
  • Activities: Our residents are given many opportunities to socialize, from crafts and bingo to story time and regular outings.
  • 24-hour skilled nursing care features nursing personnel receiving bi-weekly training and each specialty unit (including the stroke unit) receiving customized training. A nurse practitioner is on-site five days a week and a medical director visits twice a week.

Contact us for Stroke Rehab in Central Illinois

For safe, qualified, experienced stroke rehab services, contact Heddington Oaks at: 

2223 West Heading Avenue
West Peoria, 61604 IL

Call us at 309-636-3600 to ask questions and schedule your tour of our facility.