State's Attorney Facility Dog

Meet Kiwi

The State's Attorney's Office is very excited to welcome Kiwi, our Courthouse Facility Dog. She is the first Courthouse Facility Dog in Illinois' Tenth Judicial Circuit. Kiwi was sworn in on August 24, 2022, under a partnership with my office and Paws Giving Independence, a local non-profit organization that provides highly trained service dogs.

She is a 3-year-old black lab who loves kids, treats and outings along the riverwalk. Two trained and certified State’s Attorney staff members take care of her.

Kiwi is here to provide comfort to children and adults with disabilities who have been victims or witnesses of violent crime. She helps ease the trauma of coming to court! She regularly greets children at the Children’s Advocacy Center, the State’s Attorney’s Office and in the courtroom. Kiwi is also active in the community attending events and touring in front of desk with State's Attorney Hoos

Feel free to pet her if you see her!

--Jodi Hoos
Peoria County State's Attorney

State's Attorney's Office Seal (PNG)

Kiwi's Swearing In Ceremony 

August 24, 2022

Chief Judge Katherine Gorman Presiding 
Oath Administered by State's Attorney Jodi Hoos

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The Life of Kiwi

Black lab with handler going through training
Kiwi (black lab) on day of graduation from training
Kiwi (black lab) with hand-drawn picture of a dog
Black lab with yellow flowers
Kiwi (black lab) nestled on a dog bed with toy
Black lab with a happy birthday sign
Kiwi (black lab) in halloween costume
Black lab walking beside State's Attorney Hoos
Black lab with Christmas gifts around it
Black lab touching noses with statue of a dog