Composting is the natural process of recycling organic materials into a rich soil that helps preserve the environment. There are two types of composting, residential and commercial. Our Food Scrap Composting Brochure to the right will provide you with more information. 

Residential Composting 

Residential composting is composting on a small scale. Find great tips for composting at home on the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency website. 

Residential Food Scrap Drop-off 

Residents can compost food scraps including meat, bones and dairy in addition to fruit and vegetable scraps through a low cost subscription program.  

Commercial Composting

Commercial composting is built on a much larger scale and is designed to handle excessive amounts of organic waste. For more information on how to get your organization started on composting check out Better Earth Logistics

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Food Scrap Composting Brochure

Food Scrap Composting