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Alzheimer’s Care in West Peoria, IL

Rely on Alzheimer’s Care in West Peoria IL at Heddington Oaks

Alzheimer’s Care in West Peoria, ILIf you have a loved one who suffers from Alzheimer’s, you want to feel good about pairing them with the best possible care near you. Well, you can with Heddington Oaks, thanks to our trained staff members have a lot of experience in caring for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. In our new state-of-the-art facility, we boast safe, secure accommodations for 80 Alzheimer's patients. Thus, we are your trusted destination for qualified Alzheimer’s care in West Peoria IL.

At Heddington Oaks, we can accommodate 214 beds, including 42 private rooms. And with a team that includes a full-time registered dietician, activities, and social services assistants, nurses and more than 200 volunteers, you get peace of mind. We know this is a difficult time for your family.

Services Offered in West Peoria

Alzheimer’s patients require special services and dietary needs. We offer the following services for all our patients, including those with dementia:

Alzheimer’s Care in West Peoria, IL

  • Dietary: Your loved one will get healthy meals every day thanks to a carefully-planned-out menu crafted by our full-time Registered Dietitian. From a standard menu to a customized menu for those with special dietary needs, we also offer a daily featured entrée to choose from.
  • Therapy: Licensed professional therapists are here for any in-patient physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, stroke therapy and joint replacement rehabilitation services that may be needed.
  • Social services: Available seven days a week, residents and their families can meet with social services professionals as they adjust to major life changes.
  • Activities: We believe in keeping our Alzheimer’s patients’ minds active. That’s why there’s always something going on, from crafts to bingo to movie nights. We want our patients to have an active social life as well, which is why we offer regular outings to restaurants, sports events, and shopping.
  • Medical services: With access to 24-hour skilled nursing care, your loved one is well taken care of. Nursing personnel receive bi-weekly training and each specialty unit (including the Alzheimer’s unit) receives customized training. A nurse practitioner is on-site five days a week and a medical director visits twice a week. As needed, ophthalmologists and podiatrists will visit as well.

Contact us for Alzheimer’s Care in West Peoria IL

Looking for qualified, safe Alzheimer’s care near you that you can trust? Contact Heddington Oaks at 2223 West Heading Ave in West Peoria, IL. Schedule your tour to see our facilities and ask questions when you call 309-636-3600.