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Admission Information

We understand that change can be difficult. Transitioning from living alone or with family to sharing your home with new people can be unsettling. Heddington Oaks strives to make this move as seamless as possible by helping the men and women we care for retain their independence, privacy, and dignity. Our staff is committed to involving and empowering the people who live at Heddington Oaks so their emotional, spiritual, and physical needs continue to be met.

For questions regarding admission to Heddington Oaks,
please contact our Admissions Director:
Steve Richter

The Admission Process

If you are considering Heddington Oaks as your next home,
please call us at 309.636.3600 for a detailed tour of our facility.

For complete consideration, we will need a completed Preliminary Application for Residency, as well as a copy of your medical history and current physical completed by a physician. If you (or the prospective resident) live in another facility, you may request this information from the facility or you may advise them that we will be requesting this information from them.

If you decide Heddington Oaks is the home for you, our staff will walk you through the admission process to ensure you know what to expect every step of the way. We will make sure you have all the necessary documents for admission and all the necessary personal items for your comfort. Prior to admission, a screening needs to be completed by the Council on Aging. We will explain this procedure to you and we will assist you in scheduling this screening.

Our staff will also help determine which care unit is best equipped for your comfort so we can provide you the highest level care possible.


Heddington Oaks accepts private insurance and private pay individuals. We are also licensed to care for individuals on Medicare and Medicaid.

2016 daily rates for new admissions to Heddington Oaks are as follows:
Semi-private traditional room (living space is separated by a curtain): $217 regular and $225 for dementia unit.
Semi-private "T" room (living space is separated by a wall): $225
Private Room (133 square feet): $235
Private Room (230 square feet): $245
Medicare Coinsurance: $161